The Ever After Box: How It All Began!

ever_after_box_adLast year, I hosted an author table at Barbara Vey’s Reader Appreciation Luncheon. It’s an event that’s become known for “Table Wars”, where authors deck out their tables and provide awesome goodies for their readers. My theme was Asian steampunk and I spent an entire week putting together handcrafted boxes that looked like antique texts, complete with authentic titles that existed during the Opium War era. I had so much fun and readers loved it.

Shortly after the luncheon, I hatched an idea. The monthly subscription box craze was going strong – I myself subscribed to one for gamer geeks and one for makeup samples. Why not a box for romance readers?

Once the idea took root, I couldn’t get rid of it. I consulted with my usual partners in crime, Shawntelle and Amanda. The time was right for a romance novel subscription box. I’m sure they thought I was crazy, but they were there from the beginning to shape and hone the idea into something practical. The rational businesswoman and technical guru to my mad scientist.

Our angle was that like the Table Wars, we’d have a theme for each box which would allow us to highlight how playful and awesome romance novels were. We wanted each theme to span many different types of stories and we hoped that fans of romance who read in one sub-genre like historical would be open to being introduced to another sub-genre like romantic suspense, especially when presented in a fun way.

Each box would be put together with strong collaboration with fellow authors, bringing readers and authors together with a sampler of print books and ebooks as well as collectibles and goodies. Most importantly, we wanted every unboxing to feel special, a wonderful surprise every month.

The big moment came at RWA 2015. We organized a focus group of readers and authors and put together a test box with a Highlander theme for an unboxing. The room was so excited.

By then, at least two romance book boxes had launched and, I knew in a year, there would be more.

“I really think we can do this,” I gushed at Amanda and Shawntelle.

At the same time while we were putting the Ever After Box concept together, it seemed every month there was some “think piece” intent on snidely blasting the romance industry for being too much of this or lacking all of that. What industry were they looking at?

When I looked at the authors that I wanted to partner with in Romance, I saw the most thoughtful, creative, big-hearted, driven and intelligent group of entrepreneurs I’ve ever met who were reaching out and truly touching hearts and minds.

With the Ever After Box, I want to reflect what Romancelandia was really about. How innovative and open it is. How it makes fans feel warm and special to be a part of it. I wanted to circle my arms around all that energy and package it into an adorable little box that we would send out directly to eager readers.

social_media_regencyEvery month, Ever After Box puts together a box of romantic reads (print and ebook) along with 3-5 goodies all centered around a theme. September’s theme is: REGENCY BALL and we’re so excited about what’s inside. So if you’re looking to treat yourself or would like to send a great gift to someone, check us out at

You can use the special discount code AARPROMO to get $3 off your first box in our 1-month plan.   We also have 3-month and 6-month plans pre-paid plans available. If you’re looking for a single box, check out our past boxes in the Our Boxes section.

Jeannie Lin


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Kristen Donnelly
Kristen Donnelly
09/30/2016 2:13 pm

I want to add here that I wanted to give the box a spin and tried it out on the Regency box. It is so delightful! I have my own fan now, as well as a bevy of books to read. Highly recommended as a quirky and fun gift – either to yourself or a fellow reader.

Marianne Casale
Marianne Casale
09/30/2016 12:02 pm

I tried to use the HRR2016 Code. According to your email is said “one more day”. What it should have said was it expires on Thursday at midnight.