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Sarah MacLean answers a few quick questions

I chatted with the fabulous Sarah MacLean at RWA this year but didn’t get a chance to ask her my #RWA16 questions. So, I emailed her and she told me all. ;)

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How old were you when you wrote your first romance? Plot?

I was 13, in the 8th Grade. I wrote it as a project for the fiction unit of my English class. The hero’s name was Colin, and the heroine was Chantal, and it was a romantic suspense that involved her having to save him from imprisonment by a drug cartel. There was a graphic kiss in the climactic scene that made everyone in the whole class love it, and when the teacher posted all of the projects, mine was the only one that was stolen. So, A+, right?

Tell me two truths and a lie.

I played competition croquet in college.
I once dated an actual spare–second son to a viscount.
I received a cease & desist from an aristocrat with the same name as one of my heroes.

What would your most recent hero never do in bed?

Leave a woman unsatisfied.

If you could make up the perfect name for a fictional President, what would it be?

Josiah Bartlet. Oh. Wait. Someone already took my answer.

 What’s the last TV show you binge watched?

House of Cards

Which do you prefer: Wuthering Heights or Jane Eyre?

So my options are the insane hero or the one who locks his wife in the attic? Hard pass.

If they made a movie of your life, who would play you?

Drew Barrymore. At her most charming, obviously!

What’s the last book you read and loved?

Kresley Cole’s The Player. Sexy, broken billionaire hero & the con artist heroine who can’t help but be drawn to him. So so hot, so so good, and I loved every page.

What’s next from you?

A Scot in the Dark, my classic guardian/ward trope meets modern celebrity sex scandal book, released on 8/30/16, and then The Day of the Duchess, the final book in the Scandal & Scoundrel series, which features a heroine with a broken past returning to win her future.


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09/06/2016 8:52 pm

Love the responses. At least Jane Eyre had sort of a happy ending.