These are my definitions:

Fiscal conservativism is the belief that citizens should keep more of the money they earn, meaning lower taxes and smaller government providing only the most basic of services with the citizenry and marketplace taking care of the rest, which also means less government regulation on business

I consider the extreme to be the pre-New Deal mentality – no safety net to catch people, no regulatory agencies to prevent abuses by business (although regulatory agencies in the US really began in 1887 and 1890 with the Interstate Commerce Act and Sherman Anti-Trust Act respectively)

An economic liberal believes that government is obligated – to varying levels – of assuring that safety net and to assuring that business is a good “citizen,” that government is obligated to go beyond the most basic of services to assure its citizens have their basic needs met

Taken to the extreme this would be socialism, although I’m not sure that “very liberal” would be construed as socialism in this poll any more than pre-dream Scrooge would be considered “very conservative”