Sunday Steals and Deals

So many books and so many deals! Here are some of our favorite bargains to be found right now.

This collection has an impressive lineup of authors: Alexis Hall, Del Dryden, Vanessa North, and more. I love anthology’s inspiration: How does love begin? Plus, all the proceeds from this book go to a wonderful cause. At 3.99, how can you resist?

I do wish romance–and indeed all of fiction–paid more attention to those over 40. Middle age is full of mysteries, love, passion, and pain. Really, it is.

This novel is a lovely, funny, and eminently readable even though its narrator is a–gasp–a married mom of two. I enjoyed it. It’s now just 3.99.

Summer lovin’, had me a blast. Summer lovin’, happened so fast. 

(I confess: I can’t see books about summer loves without seeing Olivia and John singing their differing views of their summer nights.)

This book, however, is nowhere nearly as raunchy as the beloved film. It’s the story of kindergarten teacher and a handsome handyman falling in love on the Outer Banks. It’s a four star read at Amazon. Right now, it’s 2.99.

I am currently reading J.T. Ellison’s No One Knows which is almost impossible to put down. Her earlier books are on sale. This one is the first in her well-received Samantha Owens series. It’s garnered almost five stars on Amazon from 158 readers. Right now, it’s 1.99.

OK, I haven’t read this but it’s just .99 and the description cracks me up.

If there’s one universal truth, it’s this: You’re always wearing your worst underwear when you land in trouble.

Lola’s parents told her that everyone can make a difference. And she believed them. She’s been fighting the good fights since she was eleven years old. But at 23, Lola falls hard for an Australian stockbroker who thinks Doctors Without Borders is a porno and Joni Mitchell sounds like a harp seal being battered to death. She cuts him loose, but over the next fifteen years, through protests, misunderstandings, humiliating predicaments, and a number of poor underwear choices, their lives and paths continue to converge.

Along the way, Lola learns a few important life lessons: Never wear a red lace thong to a strip search. Make sure you take motion sickness pills if you’re going to the Southern Ocean to save the whales. And sometimes, Mr Right can be all wrong, and Mr Wrong just needs time to find the right path.

It’s hard to top Tessa Bailey for foul-mouth super sexy alpha heroes. Protecting What’s His has one of her best: Derek Tyler. He’s a veritable panty-melter. The plot of this book is excellent–funny and filled with just enough genuine menace. I love the relationship between Ginger and her sister as well. It’s currently just .99!

The Raven Prince is my favorite of Ms. Hoyt’s books. So so so sensuous and a hero with heart-melting vulnerability. I love Anna too–she’s brave in a way that makes me want to stand up and cheer. I enjoyed all three books in the Princes series–this is a great place to start if you’ve not yet read it. It’s 3.99.

Caz gave Fallen Lady a B+. She says it’s “a compelling and beautifully written romance in which the heroine is desperate to keep her long-held secrets from the man sent to find them out.  The principals are complex, well-rounded characters with terrific chemistry.” It’s just 3.99.

To Steal a Heart is an action-packed, sexy romantic adventure story set in Napoléonic France which sees an enigmatic, unflappable master spy teamed up with a former aristocrat turned-thief/spy/circus performer!  An unusual pairing perhaps, but the story is compelling, the sexual tension is smokin’ and the hero is to die for. (This opinion comes from Caz.) Right now, the book is just 2.99.

Lynn gave this book a B.  “Cam and Will’s story often made me smile. The Abbott family were a likable bunch, and I think this series will be a lot of fun to follow. If you like your contemporary romance cute and sweet, I suspect you will enjoy this one.” It’s .99 at Amazon.

I didn’t review Her Best Worst Mistake for AAR, but if I had, it would have been a DIK for me. It’s a love story between two people who really shouldn’t work as a couple but, in Ms. Mayberry’s talented hands, they oh so do. It’s 2.99 at Amazon.

For six years Violet Sutcliffe has known that Martin St Clair is the wrong man for her best friend. He’s stuffy, old before his time, conservative. He drives Violet nuts – and the feeling is entirely mutual. Then, out of nowhere, her friend walks out just weeks before her wedding to Martin, flying to Australia on a mission of self-discovery. Back in London, Violet finds herself feeling sorry for suddenly-single Martin. At least, she tells herself it’s pity she feels. Then he comes calling one dark, stormy night and they discover that beneath their mutual dislike there lies a fiery sexual chemistry.

This is a male/male contemporary with a 4.22 average star rating at Goodreads and was nominated for a Goodreads Choice Award for debut author. Right now, it’s just .99 at Amazon.


compiled by Dabney Grinnan



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HeatherS AAR
HeatherS AAR
03/20/2016 4:42 am

One more addition: In the Middle of Somewhere by Roan Parrish is currently $0.99 at Amazon. This is a male/male contemporary with a 4.22 average star rating at Goodreads and was nominated for a Goodreads Choice Award for debut author.


Dabney Grinnan
Dabney Grinnan
Reply to  HeatherS AAR
03/20/2016 9:51 am

I’ve added it!