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punch The hardest part of any party menu for me is determining what drinks to serve. Finding a soda that pleases everyone is almost impossible so I often find myself purchasing many, many bottles (and spending a fortune as a result). Serving coffee would seem to be more cost effective but often guests won’t want coffee late in the evening. That’s part of why I love punch; it’s celebratory, decorative and most people enjoy it.

My favorite winter punch recipe is my low carb/calorie version of Cranberry Cinnamon Punch.

8 cups hot water
1 1/2 cups Splenda
4 cups Diet Oceanspray Cranberry Juice
1/2 cup DaVinci Gourmet Sugar Free Cinnamon Syrup
3/4 cup Tropicana 50 Orange Juice

Place all ingredients in crock pot on low for two hours. Serve hot.

I have a terrific snowman drink dispenser which keeps drinks hot and serve this every year at our team Christmas party. I also just make it to drink at home. Yum! Even though it is diet, it is very sweet and I have never once had anyone complain. Most people don’t know it is a low calorie version of a pretty high calorie drink. The sugar free syrup can be ordered online here.

For the high calorie version simply substitute the non-diet juice versions, replace Splenda with sugar and the cinnamon syrup with red hot candies.

Another popular favorite around the holidays is Traders Punch. My mom served this every year at church Christmas events and it was always a huge hit.


2 c. orange juice
2 c. lemon juice
2 c. grenadine syrup
2 1/2 qt. chilled ginger ale
Lemon or other fresh fruit, sliced

Combine orange juice, lemon juice, and grenadine syrup and pour over block of ice. Just before serving, pour ginger ale down side of bowl. Add fruit.

No punch list would be complete without the crowd pleaser sherbert punch.

Sherbert Punch

1 Pint Sherbert (flavor depends on the flavor you desire)
1 Liter Bottle Lemon Lime soda

Can be spiced up by adding a bottle of champagne.

So do you have a favorite drink you serve around the holidays? Please share the recipe!

– Maggie AAR


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Deb M
Deb M
11/26/2012 8:45 am

It’s Christmas…..so I would like a red colouring in my punch….can I substitute cranberry juice for orange juice for the Traders Punch recipe.

Oda Pitchford
Oda Pitchford
11/13/2012 6:20 pm

Hey. I believe there is an issue with your links. I hope you’ll be able to fix it!

maggie b.
maggie b.
11/01/2012 9:45 am


I love eggnog too but like you, I am put off a bit by the calories. I buy one bottle and we drink it while watching A Christmas Story. Wish I could have it all season long.


Love your idea of light corn syrup. When I saw the calorie/carb count on the grenadine syrup I almost passed out.

Maria D.
Maria D.
11/01/2012 9:40 am

I like the idea of the low calorie punch no one knows is diet….lol….
I love “Trader’s Punch” but I don’t use that much grenadine syrup in mine – about half as much because I use light corn syrup for the difference. I like the juices and the grenadine and corn syrup sort of blend together in the refrigerator for a little bit – makes for a more smooth drink. I love the sherbert punch and yeah…it’s simple.

11/01/2012 9:37 am

Your recipes sound good! I haven’t entertained at home for a while, so I haven’t had the opportunity to serve drinks. For myself I love SOME of the International coffees by GF. One of my favorites started out as Chocolate Mint. I couldn’t find it where I live so my SIL used to mail it to me. Then I found I could order it on-line and did that for a couple of years,until it disappeared. It was reincarnated as Peppermint Mocha with foam. Then I found it at Target. But this year I haven’t seen it.

And I know some people don’t like eggnog, but I love it. But it is so high in calories.

This time of year there are a lot of specialty hot chocolates which are yummy too.