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Welcome to November! We usually only send out our monthly newsletter but we thought we’d start posting it here as well. AAR’s Anne Marble puts these together every month! Enjoy!

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October Interviews and Author Posts

An Interview and a Giveaway with Lucinda Brant

Caz interviews author Lucinda Brant about Deadly Peril, the latest in her series of Georgian historical mysteries. If you haven’t read, Ms. Brant’s marvelous books, you’re missing out!

Why You Can’t Set a Wax Play Scene on Shabbos

Join author Tamsen Parker to find out the answer to this and other things she learned while writing Taking Flight, a BDSM erotic romance set in an Orthodox Jewish Community.

Revel with a Cause: The Outback Bachelor Ball

Learn about Bachelor and Spinster balls, grog, and swag from Karina Bliss, Joan Kilby, and Sarah Mayberry, authors of the The Outback Bachelor Ball trilogy.

Queer Romance Month Posts

This year we again participated in Queer Romance Month. Queer authors from around the globe gave us five great posts on LGBTQ+ romance. October IS Queer Romance Month!

31 Awesome Queer Romances You Should Read

Author and a Queer Romance founder Alexis Hall puts together a a list of 31 awesome queer romances. If you’re wondering where to start with LGBTQ+ romance, this is the place.

Queer Romance: Where Do We Go From Here?

Alexis Hall, Roan Parrish, EE Ottoman, and Santino Hassell discuss where they think the genre is, and where they hope it’s going.

Queer Romance Week: A Queer Fantasy Roundup

Ginn Hale, Nicole Kimberling, Astrid Amara, and Langley Hyde talk about fantasy romance in a discussion hosted by Alexis Hall.

Queer Historical Romance: A Roundtable

Maybe it’s not as depressing as you think… Joanna Chambers, Alex Beecroft, and KJ Charles discuss the challenges of queer historical romance.

A Queer Romance Month Post: Looking at Queer New Adult

New Adult is one of the most popular romance subgenres around. When queer characters are involved, that landscape of “first” themes can become even richer. Megan Erickson, Amy Jo Cousins, and Santino Hassell discuss LGBTQ+ NA.

Romances on Sale in November

Looking for a great book to go with the lengthening nights? Bessie Makris gives you the list of what is on sale.

 October AAR staff blog posts

Steps to Being a Modern Gentleman: A Rebuttal

After finding herself confused, appalled, and annoyed, Maggie Boyd takes on the controversial Country Life list of steps to being a “modern gentleman.”

Someday My Print Will Come Back

The news reports say eBooks sales are slowing. Or they just not looking at the whole picture? Do you read all print books? Just eBooks? Or like Anne Marble, are you a hybrid of both types of readers?

When Names Are a No-Go

Have you ever thrown down a book because the hero had the same name as your ex (ugh), or an in-law? Caroline feels your pain.

On “Say Yes to the Dress”

Dabney is just about a “reality show virgin.” That makes her reactions to this reality TV show even more fun.

TBR Challenge – Keep Me in Suspense

Lynn and Caz dared to read some suspenseful books this month. From a 2014 release by Wendy Corsi Staub, to The Dark Tower a Gothic romance published in 1965, find out what intrigued them the most.

New Reviews and DIKs

Our reviewers have been hard at work! Check out which books we are recommending. Learn about exciting new authors and buried treasures. Find out which long-awaited books satisfied the reviewers, and which disappointed them. There are reviews of everything from contemporary romances to paranormals to historicals and inspirationals.

Recent DIK reviews include books by:

Georgia Cates, Lucinda Brant, Lorraine Heath, Courtney Milan, and Sherry Thomas

New reviews include books by:

Jill Sorenson, Paige Tyler, Amelia Grey, J. D. Robb, Penny Watson, Irma Joubert, Alissa Johnson, Kristi Ann Hunter, HelenKay Dimon, Elizabeth Lowell, Kate Angell, Fiona Lowe, Lisa Kleypas, Addie Jo Ryleig, Eleanor Webster, Shayla Black/Lexi Blake, Jill Shalvis, Ally Broadfield, Lexi Ander, Madeline Hunter, Carla Kelly, Karen Ranney, Katie MacAlister, Marguerite Kaye, Meg Cabot, and Marissa Campbell

Message Boards

As always, our Message Boards (http://www.likesbooks.com/boards.html) have been very active, so please join us for a variety of discussions about everything from specific novels to general romance topics.

Hot new topics on the Let’s Talk Romance Novels forum include: Recently Read Fall/Winter; Mystery and Suspense Book Discussion 2015 Thread #1; Recs for books in which hero has to care for children; When a Scot Ties the Knot by Tessa Dare;vOnly a Kiss Mary Balogh; Julie Ann Long Recommendation;  Sci-Fi, Paranormal, Fantasy Recently Read; Courtney Milan’s Unclaimed review; Bully Romance; Recently Read Summer; Once Upon a Marquess and A Curious Beginning. Also, check the Book ID posts out and see if you can help. There have been some real puzzlers this month!

On the Romance Potpourri forum, hot topics include: Official” Fabulous 15 Reading Challenge – Pt. II; Goodreads started best books of 2015 voting; An article on used paper books; Upcoming Releases Fall/Winter 2015; Graphic intimacy in romance novels; An article on writers and readers; Say ‘aye’ if you love Mary Balogh!; A book you just could not finish; The way I read or the end of a series?; Switching Genders in Romance; The Best American Historical/Frontier Romances?; and Recommendations – Angsty, but not overwrought?

That’s all for this month. Have a great one.

Anne Marble



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maggie b.
maggie b.
11/13/2015 9:17 am

Hi Sonya,

I emailed your hotmail account with some information. That is the email account we have on file for you. We do have an active user account for you, seems like there might be some glitches. I’ll do my best to help you through them.

Maggie AAR Board Moderator

Sonya Heaney
Sonya Heaney
11/12/2015 7:14 am

Are you aware that you still have a big problem with people signing up for your boards? I’ve been trying for years, and before that under a different name and address (so if you hate me, it can’t be that! :) ).

There are so few active places to discuss romance books these days, and your boards seem to be excluding many of us because of some bug…