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Favorite TV Duos

Some of my favorite TV Duos are not couples. They are friends, bromancers, or just excellent co-workers. Here are just a few of them:


Duo: Sherlock Holmes and Dr. Watson from Sherlock

Why They Are Great: Sexy, brilliant, witty, loyal and fun.


Duo: Nick and Monroe from Grimm

Why They Are Great: Monroe is funny, Nick is well, a bit grim. But together they are a supernatural crime fighting duo like no other.

raj and howard

Duo:Howard and Raj from Big Bang Theory

Why They Are Great:These two are the most adorable, caring best nerdy friends out there. And the schemes they come up with! From tatoo sleeves to wrestling, they are awesome!


Duo:Thomas and O’Brien from Downton Abbey

Why They Are Great:Evil doesn’t get any better than this. Scheming, conniving, backstabbing – they have all your basic skill sets covered.

sheldon and leonard

Duo:Sheldon and Leonard from Big Bang Theory

Why They Are Great:The idea of odd couple room mates is nothing new. But Sheldon and Leonard bring a fresh take to things by being the nerd equivalents of Oscar and Felix.

kirk and spock

Duo:Spock and Kirk from Star Trek

Why They Are Great:Can frienship exist where true differences abide? Yes! Kirk and Spock showed how Spock’s logic and intelligence balanced Kirk’s heart and passion to produce the always right decision.
person of interest
Duo: Finch and Reese from Person of Interest

Why They Are Great: The perfect blending of the intellecutal with the physical. It helps that they both have a heart for justice.


Duo:Sean and Gus from Psyche

Why They Are Great: This is the perfect bromance. Best friends since they were small children these two couldn’t understand each other better if they shared one brain.

liz and jack

Duo:Liz and Jack from Thirty Rock

Why They Are Great:They never went there. Liz and Jack maintained a perfect guy/girl friendship without crossing the line into lovers. We don’t see enough of this.

elementary final

Duo:Jane Watson and Sherlock Holmes from Elementary

Why They Are Great: He needs a big dose of compassion. She needs someone to teach her how to think her way out of problems rather than just feel her way along. They are the perfect antidote for the others foibles and bring out the best in each other.

So who did I miss? What duos depicit perfect (non-romantic) chemistry for you?

– Maggie AAR


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04/16/2013 6:01 pm

I had to go look up the names of the 2 heroes from ROME – Titus and Lucious. Complete opposites who supported each other even when they were wrong – loved their friendship.
Another show called Franklin and Bash – 2 friends who are lawyers but haven’t quite grown up.

04/15/2013 10:58 am

… I meant “buddies” of course, not “buddy’s”

04/15/2013 10:57 am

Oh, and I forgot to say how nice it is that with shows like Suits, White Collar and Sherlock, not to be sitting on a knife-edge week after week while the producers mess us about with too much “will-they-won’t-they?” It gets tiring after a while!

Oh – and although the show’s now finished, I’d include Arthur and Merlin from the BBC’s Merlin on the buddy’s list. It was such an enjoyable friendship to watch, and the culmination in the final episode was truly heartbreaking.

Maggie AAR
Maggie AAR
Reply to  Caz
04/15/2013 11:43 am

.I have plans to watch Merlin once the school year ends. It is always crazy around here the last month or so of school but after June. . ah, the bliss of summer. Now that you’ve talked about the friendship between them and how well it is done I can’t wait to see it

04/15/2013 10:55 am

Peter and Neal in White Collar; Harvey and Mike in Suits I’m a complete sucker for a show with lots of witty banter, and both those deliver it in spades.

The very real friendship that’s developed between Peter and Neal in Collar feels so solid – in the writing and the performances; I haven’t seen S4 yet (we’re still on S3 here) but I really like the way they have Neal so torn between his old life and what is possibly the only true )(and honest!) friendship he’s ever known.

04/15/2013 9:57 am

Chandler and Joey from Friends: Chandler was so witty and Joey so not but somehow they had a great friendship.