Eagerly Awaited October Books

Well, October is shaping up to be the month of Rachel Gibson around here, it seems. Plenty of AAR folks are very excited to see her latest release hit shelves! That doesn’t mean that we’re lacking for historicals, series romances or erotic romance to tickle our fancy, though. And then there are the Christmas books which will start hitting stores nice and early…

Title and AuthorReviewer
Run to You by Rachel GibsonRun to You by Rachel GibsonHeather S., Mary, Wendy, Jenna, LinnieGayl, Alexandra
Lady Jenny's Christmas Portrait by Grace BurrowesLady Jenny’s Christmas Portrait by Grace BurrowesRike, Caz, Mary
The Wicked Deeds of Daniel Mackenzie by Jennifer AshleyThe Wicked Deeds of Daniel Mackenzie by Jennifer AshleyLee, Lauren, Caz
Bridget Jones: Mad About the Boy by Helen FieldingBridget Jones: Mad About the Boy by Helen FieldingMary, Rike, Lauren
Christmas Bliss by Mary Kay AndrewsChristmas Bliss by Mary Kay AndrewsLinnieGayl. Lee
10 Shades of Seduction anthology10 Shades of Seduction by Tiffancy Reisz, Portia Da Costa, Alegra Verde, Alison Tyler, Anne Calhoun, and Lisa Renee JonesDabney, Lynn
The Counterfeit Mistress by Madeline HunterThe Counterfeit Mistress by Madeline HunterMary, Lee
Teatime for the Firefly by Shona PatelTeatime for the Firefly by Shona PatelMaggie, Caroline
On Midnight WingsOn Midnight Wings by Adrian PhoenixWendy
Possession byJR WardPossession by J. R. WardHeather S.
Destiny's Surrender by Beverly JenkinsDestiny’s Surrender by Beverly JenkinsLynn
Season for Scandal by Teresa RomainSeason for Scandal by Teresa RomainCaz
In This Together by Kara LennoxIn This Together by Kara LennoxRike
The Bride Wore Size 12 by Meg CabotThe Bride Wore Size 12 by Meg CabotLee
Spy's Honor by Amy RabySpy’s Honor by Amy RabyCaroline
King's Mountain by Sharyn McCrumbKing’s Mountain by Sharyn McCrumbPat
Fatal Strike by Shannon McKennaFatal Strike by Shannon McKennaDabney
The London Deception by Addison FoxThe London Deception by Addison FoxLynn
Behind the Shattered Glass by Tasha AlexanderBehind the Shattered Glass by Tasha AlexanderLinnieGayl
Gunpowder Tea by Margaret BrownleyGunpowder Tea by Margaret BrownleyMaggie
Love Lessons by Heidi CullinanLove Lessons by Heidi CullinanPat
Aiding the Enemy by Julie RoweAiding the Enemy by Julie RoweLynn
The Unidentified Redhead by Alice ClaytonThe Unidentified Redhead(paperback release of eBook) by Alice ClaytonMary

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09/16/2013 9:31 pm

Please tag this entry! I use the tags to go back and look at the Eagerly Awaiting books and this one won’t be found!