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Eagerly Awaited December Releases

fourweddings Ah…coasting into the holidays. For me personally, December tends to be a month where I binge-read holiday romances and sneak in portions of anthologies or short category romances during breaks in the holiday madness. While most of my holiday reads are oldies-but-goodies, I’ve scouted out a promising-sounding anthology and some category romance goodness that I can’t wait to read. This may be a busy time of year, but the reading lists turned in by my fellow AAR-ers show that we all want to make time to read.

Four Weddings and a Sixpence (anthology)

I love anthologies, and this one features authors I have enjoyed in the past. I’ll have to wait until after Christmas to get my hands on it, and I can’t wait! – Lynn

I love Julia Quinn.  No scratch that – I adore Julia Quinn and her heroes and heroine and am excited for her latest. – Lisa

I am not usually much of an anthology fan as I like meaty stories, but this one is chock full of talent, so I will give it a try. – Mary

not so secretly love anthologies, and Quinn and Guhrke are on my shortlist of favorite historical romance authors. Though I’m familiar with Boyle, Sloan is new to me. Since I’m always looking for new writers to follow – the shorter novella format is ideal for discovering new favorites. Weddings, true love, great writers…this should be a slam dunk! – Emily

troublewithdukesThe Trouble With Dukes by Grace Burrowes

I’m a big fan of Ms. Burrowes and enjoy her quirky style. We’re back with the Windham family in this new series, albeit a different branch, and I’m eager to see where things are headed. – Caz

Lately I haven’t been impressed with Ms. Burrowes new releases, and I’m less willing to auto-buy them. But there’s just something about the Windham family, her writing, and these love stories that keeps me coming back. My fingers are crossed that she delivers this time out! – Emily

This author is an auto-buy for me. Even her weak books are much better than the best by many authors, so even if this one is not as strong as some of her previous books, I know I will still be entertained. – Mary

someonelikeyouSomeone Like You by Lauren Layne

I’ve been waiting for this third book in the Oxford series and the mysterious figure of Lincoln, a playboy on the outside but hiding a tragic past. I can’t wait to dive into his story! – Maria Rose

Despite the fact that I will be singing Adele the entire time I’m reading it, Ms. Layne is an auto-click author for me. I’m anxious to get Lincoln’s story – we’ve been teased with bits through the first two books – and I’m super curious as to the type of heroine that needs to be crafted to go well with him. – Kristen

This is a Lincoln’s long awaited story. He has been a featured secondary character throughout Ms. Layne’s Oxford and Stiletto series, and there has always been an air of mystery to him. We are finally to see the heart of the enigmatic Lincoln and find out exactly what makes him tick. – Janet

innkeeperofivyhillThe Innkeeper of Ivy Hill by Julie Klassen

When her husband dies suddenly, Jane Bell, becomes the reluctant owner of a coaching inn. She has no idea how to run the business but not only her own fiscal future but that of much of the town is at stake. That premise, along with the fact that I know Ms. Klassen can be counted on to provide a thought provoking read, is why I am eagerly awaiting this December novel. – Maggie

I’m also eagerly awaiting Julie Klassen’s new title, The Innkeeper of Ivy Hill.Ms. Klassen’s books are classified inspirational but I find them to be more historical light romance and at times gothic or mysterious. – Lee

Also eagerly awaited by Lynn.


ladyclareLady Claire is All That by Maya Rodale

I have enjoyed the Cavendish series by Maya Rodale and am excited to read about the oldest Cavendish sister, Lady Claire. She’s a math genius who finds herself attracted to a man she never thought her bookish brain would want – a jock. While I am excited about the love story, I truly adore the Cavendish siblings and seeing them together. – Janet

I have to be in a specific mood to read Ms. Rodale’s books, as they require quite a bit of reality suspension for me and my critical reader hat has to take a bit of a break. If I’m in the right place, they’re pure escapist delight and I’m happy to be in this fanciful world for a bit. As this one is coming out between Christmas and New Year’s, silliness with a happily ever after will surely be on the cards. – Kristen

Also eagerly awaited by Maria Rose.



Bound by a Scandalous Secret by Diane Gaston


I’ve been a fan of Diane Gaston’s writing ever since I was assigned one of her early books for review. She is one of several Harlequin Historicals authors that I consider an autobuy, and I’m looking forward to reading this. – Lynn

Ms. Gaston is one of the strongest Harlequin Historicals authors and I’m always up for a fake-engagement story. ;) – Caz



Blood Vow by J. R. Ward


I’ve been reading J.R. Ward’s Black Dagger Brotherhood books for a long time. While I love all the books about the original brothers, I was especially excited when she came out with a new Black Dagger Legacy series. I loved the first one, and I’m looking forward to this new addition to the series. – Alex

I love Ms. Ward’s Black Dagger Brotherhood series, and this second book in a spin-off series is sure to thrill her fans. It’s wonderful to see the Brothers working hard to train the next generation of fighters tasked with keeping the world safe. – Shannon



On the Line by Victoria Denault

I am a fan of Ms. Denault’s contemporary hockey series – Hometown Players. This is a the fifth book and features the character Avery who has been a player throughout the series. Ms. Denault often writes alpha heroes who also have a sweet side, and I anticipate Avery is all this and more. – Janet



Island of Glass by Nora Roberts


I can’t wait to see how Ms. Roberts finishes off her Guardians trilogy. – Shannon



It’s a Wonderful Life by Julia Williams

I love reading Ms. Williams’ stories about families and all that goes right and wrong around the holidays in northern England. – Lee



Nico by Sarah Castille

Mafia romance is a new trend that I haven’t been able to get into. But with best-selling author Sarah Castille at the helm, I want to give it a go. Especially as her heroine is a computer hacker! – Anne



Cowboy Unwrapped by Vicki Lewis Thompson

I’ve been reading the author’s work since I was a Harlequin Temptation consuming teenager, and I’m looking forward to seeing what her latest cowboy story will bring! – Lisa



This is Our Song by Samantha Chase

I’ve enjoyed the other books in the series and am looking forward to this story featuring rock star Riley Shaughnessy. – LinnieGayl



The Italian’s Pregnant Virgin by Maisey Yates

Yes, I realize that the title and the cover on this book are both a hot mess. However, those are things over which the author usually has little control. But the writing?  Now that is under the author’s control and Yates writes fabulous stories.  Sometimes I like some HP drama, and she is one of their strongest authors. Looking forward to it. – Lynn


Small Admissions by Amy Poeppel

Amy Poeppel’s Small Admissions looks interesting: a combination of chick lit and new adult. Amazon’s summary states: “Kate, a young woman unexpectedly thrust into the cutthroat world of New York City private school admissions as she attempts to understand city life, human nature, and falling in love.” – Lee


Moonshadow by Thea Harrison

Thea Harrison’s Elder Races series is another one I’ve been following for a long time. This new entry pulls out fresh characters I’m excited about and deals with some enemies who we’ve started to see pieces of in other books. Based on how much I’ve enjoyed Ms. Harrison’s books before, I can’t wait for this one. – Alex


One for the Rogue by Charis Michaels

I enjoyed the author’s last book (The Virgin and the Viscount), enough to want to try more of her work. This story follows on from the last, as we meet a reluctant viscount who has no idea how to be one, and the lady who is going to tutor him as to how to make it in polite society. – Caz


Wrapped Together by Annabeth Albert

Annabeth Albert’s Portland Heat series is a set of delightful m/m romances that focuses on small shops, coffee carts, cafes and so on. I confess that every time I pass by a particular food cart on my way home from work, I think of this series. Wrapped Together takes two boutique owners and gives them a little extra Christmas cheer and I’m excited to add this to my holiday reading. – Maria Rose


Glass Tidings by Amy Jo Cousins

Christmas. M/m. This writer. It moves to the top of my TBR as soon as it lands in my inbox. Yes please. – Emily



Best Women’s Erotica of the Year, Vol. 2 by Rachel Kramer Bussel (ed.)


This series hasn’t let me down yet. – Lisa



I Will by Lisa Kleypas (reissue)

This is a Christmas historical story due out on the 13th. Kleypas is another auto-buy for me. – Mary



Forever, Again by Victoria Laurie

I absolutely loved Ms. Laurie’s previous novel, When. This story about a high school girl caught up in a mystery from the mid-1980s, looks like it should be just as riveting. – Maggie



The Edge of the Blade by Jeffe Kennedy

A female warrior is at the heart of this upcoming fantasy romance by Jeffe Kennedy, the second book in the Uncharted Realms series. Her worldbuilding, attention to detail and sexy writing style make her a favorite author of mine. – Maria Rose



The Selection Coloring Book by Kiera Cass

The Selection — it’s the guilty pleasure that keeps on giving. Sure, the world-building is flimsy. But at least now I can color in pictures of gorgeous dresses and elegant scenery. – Anne



Spindle by E. K. Johnston

A continuation of Ms. Johnston’s A Thousand Nights this is the book I have been rabidly awaiting since January of this year. The story of a curse-plagued princess who may just prove to be as dangerous as she is endangered. – Maggie




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Maria Rose
Maria Rose
12/06/2016 8:50 am

Lisa, I quite enjoyed Cowboy Unwrapped! I just started reading Vicki Lewis Thompson recently and I’m really enjoying her Thunder Mountain Brotherhood series! Lynn, The Italian’s Pregnant Virgin is on my reading list too – I just read the previous one in the series, The Prince’s Pregnant Mistress (count on HQN for a campy title) and it was very good.

Mary Dubé
Mary Dubé
12/05/2016 10:17 pm

“always up for a fake-engagement story”
I love it, Caz.