The Secrets of Sadie Maynard


All I can say is, “Wow!” The Secrets of Sadie Maynard kept me riveted and up a little past my bedtime trying to finish it. A great hero and heroine and an interesting mystery make this one great book.

Memphis Maynard (poor girl with that name!) is an award-winning photojournalist who returns to her small hometown in West Virginia because her ex-lover and father of her child is writing a book about an old family mystery. Years ago, Sadie Maynard, Memphis’ grandmother, was murdered, and some people are convinced the wrong man was convicted for it. Jake, the ex-lover in question, is stirring things up in a very scandalous way. Memphis just wants to find out the truth for her own peace of mind. The other prime suspect in the case is no longer alive, but his gorgeous grandson Cutter Tate is. Cutter, Memphis and Jake make for an interesting triangle. Involve a ghost, some colorful neighbors and backwoods folks, and this book will keep you on your toes.

Memphis is a strong-willed woman determined to get to the bottom of the mystery despite the fact that no one wants her to. She’s completely wrapped up in that and her daughter, Katie. She’s been traumatized by the things she’s seen in Bosnia, and the distraction provided by trying to solve the mystery keeps her mind off Bosnia. So does Cutter Tate. There’s an immediate attraction and tension between the two of them. Memphis is an interesting, sometimes contradictory character. She hates how Jake left her when he found out she was pregnant, but she works with him so she can keep an eye on him and decides to allow him access to Katie.

Cutter is a dark and brooding man who can be a loner at times. Raised by a hateful father and loving grandfather, he was taken in by the town after grandpa died and dad ran off. The townspeople feel responsible for him just as he does for them. At times, he disappears into the mountains and returns days later. Cutter knows something about Sadie Maynard’s death, but won’t tell Memphis. Even though he says he wants Memphis to leave things alone, he still looks out for her.

The mystery of what happened to Sadie was part of what kept me so riveted to this book, but another fascinating part of the book was the portrayal of the inhabitants of the town. Each one had a story to tell that related back to Sadie or Cutter. The ghost makes infrequent appearances, but does come to Memphis’ rescue once.

When the secrets are revealed, they are big ones. Unfortunately, Memphis’ reaction to discovering the truth behind Sadie’s disappearance was disappointing. She blamed the person who told her because he didn’t tell her as soon as she hit town. Well, I thought he told her as soon as he realized she could be trusted.

While I was disappointed in Memphis after the secret was revealed, I can still strongly recommend The Secrets of Sadie Maynard. The romance between Cutter and Memphis was believable, and Cutter is simply to die for. While it’s rather more of a romance/mystery hybrid as opposed to romantic suspense, it’ll appeal to most romance readers. I think I might have to find Linda Anderson’s first book now!

Reviewed by Andrea Pool

Grade: B+

Book Type: Romantic Suspense

Sensuality: Warm

Review Date: 26/04/99

Publication Date: 1999

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  1. excellent book: interesting, funny dialogs, deep understanding of each character, interesting secondary characters, and also sexy.


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