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Jennifer Ryan: The RWA15 Interview

One of my favorite things about RWA is meeting authors. Jennifer Ryan is an author new to me so I was pleased when Avon asked if I wanted to interview her. Jennifer has published ten books in the past two years–I gleaned that from Goodreads not Jennifer so if that number’s wrong, it’s on me. She writes contemporary and romantic suspense and is a USA Today best-selling author. Her next book, Her Lucky Cowboy, will be released in August.


Dabney: What’s most your most recent release?

Jennifer: When It’s Right, my second book in my Montana Men series. It came out in May of this year.

It’s a story about Gillian, a girl whose abusive father tries to kill her and she ends up having to go live with her grandfather whom she’s never met on his ranch in Montana. She meets Blake the ranch manager and they fall in love.

Dabney: What makes Blake special?

Jennifer: Blake is one of the first heroes I’ve written who’s very patient. He understands, given her background, that her needs must come before his and he’s willing to love on her terms, even if it means putting his job on the line.

Dabney: And Gillian?

Jennifer: She’s like a lot of my heroines. She’s very tough, resilient. She’s willing to do almost anything to protect her younger brother whom she is raising—he’s much younger. She’s the kind of girl who knows that if one thing doesn’t work out, she’s the kind of person who can still make life work out.

Dabney: How did you start writing?

Jennifer: I was an avid reader. I was a stay at home mom. One day, all the stories I was reading made me start wondering if I could write my own story. I figured no one would ever know if I couldn’t. I was able to write it—it’s Saved by Rancher (published in 2013)—and it went on to become a NYT best seller.

Dabney: What do you love about writing romance?

Jennifer: I love the relationship between the lovers. I love seeing it go from a look to a kiss to something much more deeper. I love seeing how they build the relationship into something you believe truly is a happily ever after.

Dabney: If you could give a piece of advice to your younger self, what would it be?

Jennifer: Be patient. You can’t please everyone. Always try and do the best you can.

Dabney: What is up next for you?

Jennifer: August 25th, I have Her Lucky Cowboy coming out. It’s the third book in my Montana Man series. It’s Dane’s book. He’s a guy who thinks he can get any woman. He meets a brilliant doctor who’s never been on a date in her life and has no interest in starting with a playboy cowboy!

Dabney: Great! Thanks for talking with me.



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07/30/2015 9:09 pm

Thanks again for the interview Dabney!